Carol Hawkins Studio photo restoration
Professional restoration performed with
respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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Click on each image, below, to see larger version, before and after comparison, and read about the image and restoration work done on it.

Two young women who wrote a very famous song. This vingage photographic image is faced and spotted. The client brought it to Carol Hawkins Studio for fine restoration done by a true artist.
Charming hand tinted antique photo that has been damaged by time. Image is faded, missing in spots, has holes which are caused by insects, and is in a wood and plaster frame that is also damaged.
Snapshot needing minor restoration. 1970s Polaroid picture. Quality and detail of the Polaroid photo are poor. The image additionally suffered damage due to the passage of time.
photograph, taken in the 1940s, was glued to a carved wooden bust form and attached to the carved circular frame. It's faced and parts of the image are missing. Image is brittle so must be worked with carefully.
This jigsaw of a photograph arrived at Carol Hawkins Studio in many pieces. Most people would have thrown it out think it could never be restored.
Minor photo restoration. Image is faced and stained.
Photo is very faded, spotted and part of the woman's face has been torn off. This photo would have been thrown away by many people because they would never have believed it could be salvaged.
Damaged photo. Some sections are severely scratched. The man's mouth is two-thirds gone and the couple's eyes are faded and faint.
200 year old painting o ancestor shows layers of darkened varnish that would be difficult for even a person with a masters degree in conservation to remove without damaging the underlying painting
Minor photo restoration Tim's face was dark in this historic image of his first spacewalk from the International Space Station.
Many people would have thrown this old photo in the trash believing it could never been restored. Fortunately, the client brought it to Hawkins Studio for the heroic restoration which can only be accomplished by a true artist.
Snapshot is stained faded and scratched.
This group photo is faded. Faces are hard to distinguish.
Final product which took a total of 37 hours to complete.
The before picture shows holes, cracks, and scratches. Part of the woman's head has been torn from the original photo.
Origianl photo is faded, splotched, scratched, and the young man's eyse are almost invisible.
Photograph before restoratin. Note scratches, fading of image so that faces are hard to distinguish, and the right mule's missing ears.
convex photo that was framed behind bubble glass is dry, brittle, and coated with varnish that has darkened over the years. Toddler's hair was over painted with permanent white paint. This image required extensive restoration.
Photograph shot with cell phone in a dimly lit room. Restored by Carol Hawkins Studio 512-327-2700
Photographic portrait of young WWII veteran before colorizing.
Carol Hawkins Studio. Professional photo restoration by a true artist. 512/327-2700. Faded 1930s photograph of father and daughter walking down the street in Hot Springs Arkansas. before restoration.