Carol Hawkins Studio photo restoration
Professional restoration performed with
respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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The first image you see, below, is the original image as it appeared when Carol received it for restoration.
Slide the arrow to the right to reveal the image after Carol's amazing restoration work.


Photograph before restoratin. Note scratches, fading of image so that faces are hard to distinguish, and the right mule's missing ears.
After some restoration. Carol would have enjoyed doing more work on this image but the family had budget constraints. Carol Hawkins Studio. Expert photo restoration for family heir loom photographs. 512/327-2700

Before restoration the passing years and damage in storage had rendered this boy's eyes almost invisible. The image was faint, spotted, missing some details, and stained.

After 3 hours restoration, including reconstruction of the subject's eyes, the client's family can see what their grandfather looked like as a boy.